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As a young girl I was drawn to singing and recall learning old lullabies, show tunes and war songs from my Irish nana, granddad and great aunt. As an adolescent and teen, my closest friends often encouraged me to sing while they gathered ‘round, cozying up and snuggling together. We did this for years, continuing the new tradition when their little ones were born. As we migrated to different parts of the US and geographic distance grew, I began recording and sending lullabies over email in order to stay connected in this mutually intimate and meaningful way.

More babies came along as did song requests, sparking the idea in 2012 to record an a cappella lullaby album. The following year, a series of clinical studies were published in the U.S. and abroad explaining how lullabies produced medicinal outcomes in Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units. Being in the medical sales industry for several years and working alongside NICU and PICU Child Life Specialists around the country, I realized the importance and relevance of this data and became committed to help heal through singing in my own way.

I started Little Darling in 2014 as a way to help make healing songs more accessible to parents and caregivers, and to help raise our collective awareness of music's powerful positive impact on our health. My vocal healing work has extended to other populations including end-of-life patientsadults with special needs, survivors of trauma and animals. In 2018, I graduated from the Integrative Sound and Music Institute Certification Program at the Open Center in New York, NY and now continue my studies and practice in the Hudson Valley.

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Lisa Darling