Singing for Balance and Peace

Little Darling

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Little Darling was born from the belief that music has the power to heal and create harmony in our lives. Music is vibration and, from our earliest time in the womb we attune to its frequencies. Though our ancestors and ancient cultures have used music to heal for centuries, modern science is helping us increase our awareness of just how critical music is to how we feel – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

At Little Darling, we are dedicated to producing healing music to help restore balance, reduce pain, and enhance feelings of comfort and safety. We’re also passionate about helping raise our collective awareness of music’s universal ability to help us, no matter our age, heal and experience greater feelings of stability and peace. We promise to continuously share resources that support the importance of music in our lives to help keep you updated and informed. Thank you for joining us on this musical journey!


A Cappella Lullabies


The voice is one of the most influential sounds to humans, especially to our little ones. It can create an inner connection from soul to soul, communicating affection, safety and love in a way that no other sound on earth can replicate. In recent years, pediatric research has provided clinical evidence to support the healing power of song, showing that soft, soothing vocals can reduce children’s heart rates, improve sleep and perk up feeding patterns. Researchers have also demonstrated that singing without accompaniment, or a cappella, is preferred, and is more effective in holding attention than accompanied songs.

In order to simulate this ideal experience and maximize the healing benefits of the voice, breath and silences in between, all lullabies produced by Little Darling are sung a cappella. The songs you'll hear are intended to soothe, comfort and create a feeling of safety for the listener - it is common for caregivers and even pets to feel the benefits of relaxation, too!