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Darling Lullabies Album Release

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Hello dear friends, I am so excited to announce that my a cappella lullaby album, Darling Lullabies, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby!!

I wanted to take a quick moment to share a little background on the album. Many of these songs are very meaningful to my heart and have been since I was a little girl. It's as if they are a part of me, just as equally as my name. Some of my fondest memories growing up are based around them as they brought connection and love between my nana, granddad, mom, sister and me.

As I grew older, my best friends took a genuine liking to the lullabies and made me sing them countless times, even as we went on to college (embarrassingly enough, even in the showers at fraternity parties. Better acoustics, you know?). When they began having babies of their own, I thought I could record these for them as a gift, and then the lightbulb went off - what if other babies would enjoy these, too!?

I put my serious hat on and became super inspired to make these lullabies the best that I could. The choice behind deciding to sing them without accompaniment was made in hopes that the soothing vocals mixed with the comforting sounds of breath and natural silence would effectively calm, nurture and soothe little ones to sleep. Based on lots of clinical data (that I will showcase later!), singing lullabies can be medicinal or healing to your little ones. HOW FLIPPING AMAZING IS THAT?? I wanted to come the closest I could to the real thing. I also considered how research has shown that music with more than a few variables can actually be over-stimulating! Praise to natural, human-connecting lullabies.

In all reality I know that first and foremost, your child's instinctually prefers to hear you sing soothing songs to them (please don't use the excuse that you have a bad voice!! It's GOOD for them - and you! I promise!!) But, I would be HONORED if you considered using Darling Lullabies as a good, solid second choice. Try using a few songs during naptime or bedtime routines - I have heard this to be the most effective way to implement this little wellness routine into your child's day!

Thanks so much for reading - I hope you enjoy the songs!!!

With love,


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