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Darling Lullabies Now in 4 More New York Hospitals!

  Hi Friends and Family -

I wanted to announce some amazing progress that was made during the month of November. Darling Lullabies is now being played in 4 more hospitals in the New York area following The Child Life of Greater New York / CLGNY Conference on November 9th, 2015.  The Pediatric/Neonatal Departments at Lincoln Hospital, Montefiore Children's Hospital, NYU for Joint Diseases (NYU Langone Medical Center) and Stony Brook Children's Hospital have added the MP3's to IPads and IPods and are available and being offered for in-patient use.

At the show, Child Life Specialists and Therapists were able to hear the a cappella lullabies using headphones and IPads, and we discussed how they would be helpful as a distraction technique during procedures, assisting children transitioning to sleep, soothing babies in the NICU, reducing a child's perception of pain and lowering heart rates and anxiety. Furthermore, we discussed how research shows that multiple instruments can impede music's healing qualities for our littlest ones, further supporting the use of soft, soothing a cappella vocals mixed with the sounds of breathe and silence as an effective healing tool.

I saw many beautiful sparks in the eyes of attendees and was so touched by those who immediately decided to integrate these lullabies into their hospitals/department patient practices. (As a side note, my favorite thing about all the data that continues to pour out is that the science allows this to be a cognitive conversation, not just an intuitive understanding and feeling that we've known for centuries upon centuries. The science give it the strength it needs to be valued and used in the Western medicine world and I just love that something so pure and simple has the power to do that). 

My hope is that this healing tool continues to spread! Here's to progress, healing and science!



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