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Hello YouTube!

Hello lovelies!

How have you been?!  It has been a while since my last post - traveling for my other job has kept me quite busy lately!

I'm excited (and let's be honest, terrified) to announce that Little Darling will now be posting a cappella lullabies on YouTube! Though I've posted Youtube videos before, this feels somehow different to me - perhaps because this work is so much more meaningful and really feels vulnerable (and thus super scary). But, I know I'll be doing what I love and potentially connecting with so many more families, kiddos and parents, so I'm going to give it it shot.

As I gear up to work on more videos I'm remembering my Auntie Kath specifically today, rocking a 5-year-old me in her lap and singing Irvin Berlin's "What'll I Do". The sound of her voice and the melody she sang comforted and squeezed my heart in such a way that I could never possibly forget. That's such a big reason why singing a cappella feels so good to me - it's so one-on-one, personal and loving. I hope that these videos give that same warm, connecting and loving feeling to others that she gave to me.

Soooo, here is a link to the first video - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I hope hope hope you like! If you do, be sure to "thumbs up" the video and subscribe to the channel for updates on new videos :)

With Love,


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