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Little Darling Blog Kick-Off!


Hello Dear Friends! I am so thrilled to begin this blogging journey with you all! There are so many inspiring ideas to share about music, healing and wellness; I hope you enjoy reading these posts and perhaps feel the excitement spark within you, too. My goal is to identify, share and discuss the many many ways that music can support us – not only for our children but for ourselves as well. I understand that different platforms of information resonate with individuals differently - whether your belief system aligns with science, metaphysics, culture, spirituality, your own intuition or emotional response (or all of the above!), I hope to address it all so that we get to a point where there is no doubt in our minds that music must be a part of all our lives everyday.

When we know better, we get excited and motivated to try doing better. When we do better for ourselves, we do better for others (like our children!). And we grow together.

Happy Little Darling Blog Kick-off Celebration!!! I'm going to go blast some Kool and the Gang and dance around the house :)

With Love and sheer excitement,


PS - here's an question to ponder: What would life be like without music?

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