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Lullabies = Medicine

Hello friends! I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend with family and friends.

Keeping in mind that you may not be up for talking science this morning after a long holiday weekend, I thought I'd very lightly begin the infinite journey of discussing clinical evidence and music! It's an exciting topic for me (the nerdy part of my soul is doing cartwheels right now) as it fascinatingly bridges the worlds of data and one of nature's most beautiful nurturers together.

I wanted to start by highlighting 3 resources written in 2013 by ABC News, BBC News and a Press Release from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London.

Combined, they use clinical evidence published in 4 different reputable medical journals to show how music & sung lullabies have medicinal outcomes for our little ones. In summary, these are the health improvements found:

*reduced heart rate *improved sleeping and feeding behavior *speedier recoveries and departures from the hospital sooner were found *increased prolonged periods of quiet-alert states *less anxiety *reduced perception of pain

Dr. Nick Pickett at GOSH stated, "it’s not simply attention from an adult that soothes children, because the children did not experience the same benefits when they had stories read to them. There is something inherently special about music and singing to a child that achieves these results".

One of GOSH's researchers, David Hargreaves, a Professor of Music Psychology at Roehampton University and jazz pianist stated, "Music has an effect on our thinking, our social behaviour, our emotions and our physical responses of course. What we are saying here is that children's wellbeing - their levels of anxiety and relaxation - are mediated by the emotion that the music causes."

SO - if you are not as excited and fascinated about this information as I am, that's totally cool. I on the other hand cannot contain my excitement for it and want to shout it from the rooftops. Most likely it is because it deeply and profoundly connects to my purpose, which is kind of the best thing in the world. But also, it just thrills me to know we're beginning to understand how important music is to all of us, at every age. And there'll be more research to come.

In light of keeping it light, I'll stop there. Please a leave comment or shoot me a message if you feel inspired to do so - I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, I hope you all have a tremendous short week!

With Love,


Photo by jeremyculpdesign

Photo by jeremyculpdesign

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