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Not Just for Babies!!


A few months back I received the sweetest email from one of my dear friends and wanted to share here. Darling Lullabies, she says, "Are not Just for Babies!!I've attached the picture she sent me and one of her little handsome man, Henry, (who has become my baby model) as well :)

Hi Hun, 

Sorry this pic is so large and out of focus!!!  It's a moment I captured this past weekend of Madelynn and her cousins on Sunday afternoon.  These kiddos are wild together.  Maybe u can see the twinkle of adventure in their eyes in this pic!  Full of life and boundless energy.  Needless to say they go non stop together all day until the sun sets.  Shoes and brushing teeth twice a day optional at the cottage. Just pure adventure.  I noticed they were getting a little testy with each other and knew they needed quiet time.  Purely based on principle we hardly turn on the tv at the cottage.  So that wasn't an option!  Instead I took the kiddos to a quiet corner and gave them each painting supplies.  In the beginning they were still riled up, excitedly debating on who got what brush, color etc.  THEN.. I put on Darling Lullabies.  Magically they calmed down, became silent and happily painted together for over an hour!  Henry loves the album.  You can feel him relax in my arms when it plays. To see this happen with a wild group of 5-8 years olds was magical!  

Thank you! Xoxo



Henry Herdrich vibing with Auntie Lisa

Henry Herdrich vibing with Auntie Lisa

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