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Sing Throughout the Holidays


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this holiday with dear friends and family. The winter months and holidays are filled with so much joy, but many people can feel a bit more blue than they typically do. Remember, singing can help you stay peaceful, grateful, positive and uplifted!

Here's an awesome article written last year (TIME) discussing studies that show the benefits of singing including: the release of hormones like endorphines and oxytocin, reducing levels of cortisol (lower stress), and lessening feelings of anxiety & depression. There is a big focus on group singing here too (okay, admit how much you loved school choir) discussing how group singing can be likened to guided meditations!! Flipping amazing. And you don't need to be "good" to reap the bennies. Perhaps caroling will become a tradition this year? :)

With love and tofurky this year for me,

Lisa <3

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